The Story Behind chuu

Growing up as a young woman in Australia, healthy habits had been taught to me since a very young age. We learned about healthy eating from Healthy Harold in the back of that caravan, played sports every week in PE and handball during recess. Back then, it seemed obvious that being healthy was something that would always be filled with joy.

But then we grew up, and all of a sudden, healthy got so hard. 

My first ever online purchase was SkinnyMe Tea, followed quickly by Garcinia Cambogia pills. 

I was 13. When I say I “grew up”, I was only just getting settled in high school. Really, I was just a child. 

All of a sudden, healthy meant thin, and I wasn’t thin. It meant teas that upset my stomach and pills I couldn’t swallow. It meant doing cardio so you won’t get fat, and 7-min ab workouts on Tumblr that were guaranteed to get you toned in just 15 days. Being thin meant you looked like a Victoria’s Secret model, and that’s what healthy looked like... right?


Today I’m grateful to have grown out of toxic diet culture, but that does not mean it’s no longer an epidemic affecting millions of people around the world; men and women, young and grown. People everywhere give up on their health journey because they believe the goal is simply unattainable, far too hard, or just not for them. 

If only they knew that “healthy” doesn’t look a certain way.

With my brand, chuu Nutrition, I’ve decided to reinvent the narrative around health. I still deeply care about my health, but reject the idea that there’s just one way to do it right. I want to empower people everywhere to start looking at their health differently, in a way that puts the joy back into healthy living. Because I truly believe that’s what heathy was always supposed to be.

chuu gummies are more than just health food. They're a health food that doesn’t look like a health food. It’s the first step to reimagining what healthy habits could look like for you.


Who would have thought? Maybe, healthy isn’t so hard after all.