Simple, transparent ingredients

Our ingredients list is short and sweet with nothing artificial, just like how it should be. Oh, and none of those ingredients are cane sugar.

Vegan friendly

Our gummies are made with pectin derived from fruit peels, which is a tastier vegan alternative to gelatin.

Made with The Mother enzyme

Packed with unfiltered apple cider vinegar goodness, our gummies are the perfect new edition to your daily routine.

100% Aussie owned

We're committed to sourcing our packaging and talent locally to support the Aussie workforce.

Our philosophy

Here at chuu, we strive to inspire people to reimagine healthy habits. Everyone's mind and body are so unique, there's simply no way healthy habits look the same to everyone.

That's why we're pushing the boundaries of health food by bringing you whole ingredients in delicious morsels to show you what's really possible.

chuu apple cider vinegar gummies sugar free vegan

Our gummies

Our Apple Cider Vinegar gummies take the goodness of ACV and pack 500mg of unfiltered concentrate into each serve, but leave out the sour taste and funky smell. They're also sugar free and vegan friendly. Now you can take your daily ACV without compromise.

Say it louder for the people at the back

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